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GOLIATis the first Romanian nanosatellite. The satellites includes a high resolution digital camera and two scientific experiments that will measure the total dose of radiation and micrometeoroids on low Earth orbit. Goliat will be launched on the inaugural flight of the new VEGA launcher during February 2012 together with six other CubeSats and two larger satellites.

The satellite was developed by a multidisciplinary team lead by the Romanian Space Agency. The educational nature of the project, lead to the active involvement of students from University of Bucharest and University Politehnica of Bucharest in all the phases of the project design, manufacturing and testing.

One of the transceivers on board Goliat uses the radio amateur band and any licensed ham can listen to it. The satellites transmits 1200 bps AFSK packets and 20 wpm morse code signals on the 437.485 MHz frequency. If you heard the satellite please use the upload form or send us an email to: Goliat(at)
The current TLE necessary for tracking GOLIAT are:

1 38085U 12006J   12048.47783452 -.00000170  00000-0  00000+0 0    76
2 38085  69.4767 229.7171 0777796  39.1849 327.7088 14.05358371   564

Please note that these are very rough estimates (thanks, University of Bologna) based on limited information from the VEGA team and we will try to update them as soon as possible.


Time since launch: