On Board Computer (OBC)

The OBC (or OBDH: On Board Data Handling) subsystem of GOLIAT is based on two MSP430 microprocessors. In order to fast track the development an existing OBDH board was procured. However, due to the high processing power demands coming from the subsystems and the payloads, a secondary module was developed. Additionally, the various subsystems are controlled by microprocessors. Data is transferred between the various subsystems on the SPI and serial interfaces.

The following processors are used on board GOLIAT:

  • main OBC unit controls the S-band transceiver, the digital camera and the SAMIS experiment
  • secondary OBC controls the beacon transceiver, the ADCS subsystem and the Dose-N experiment
  • MSP430 processor on board the beacon transceiver module
  • MSP430 processor on board the EPS subsystem
  • the DSP for the camera

For data storage, GOLIAT uses a 2 GB SD card. The memory card can be independently accessed via the SPI interface by four processors: main OBC, secondary OBC, the radio beacon unit and the image processor.


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